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What started out as a mini project, making a pearl necklace and bracelet set for my then-18-month-old daughter, opened a door to a new passion - jewellery making.  I've loved jewellery for as long as I can remember.  Admiring jewellery was a part of my young life. With regular trips to the market included stops to the jewellers.  A yearly event was visiting the royal palace and shaking hands with royalties draped in the most opulent jewellery your eyes will ever lay on.  My love for jewellery was shaped even before I knew what the word 'karat' means.  

This passion allows me to create many beautiful and meaningful jewellery pieces. My style has been described as feminine and effortless. Quality is important to me. I work with materials suitable for sensitive skin; free from nickel, lead and plating.  Each piece is thoughtfully crafted with the wearer in mind - that she feels extra cared for, chic and confident.

Magnolia Giroux jewellery is handcrafted in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.